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Come on in & sit a spell! I am mostly a self taught artist, (bet you've heard that one before)! I like to paint mainly in watercolors, but venture out to other mediums from time to time. I have been drawing & painting most of my life, as far back as I can remember! And we don't want to get into how long ago that might be! Other than some classes in high school, (high school? When was that?) & a few technique classes through the years here & there, & on occasion a class to be with like minded souls...I feel blessed to have been given this wonderful gift from above, to create what ever filters through me, to touch your heart & soul the way it has touched mine. My art work is inspired mostly by my love of animals & gardens. (also the kid within at times has something to do with what comes forward!).

Most recently, I have been focusing on painting ACEO cards, or ATC's, (Art Trading Cards). If you are not familiar with these, ACEO stands for "Art Cards Editions, & Originals." Miniature works of art.

I am hoping to learn to do ACEO cards with glass someday, & if I can't swing that, I love doing lampwork beads besides painting! I find working with the molten glass is just so fascinating! I would really love to brush up on my animals with the glass beads, & bring some smiles to some faces with a bit of whimsy there! If I can drag myself away from the miniature paintings that is! Enjoy your visit, & come back anytime!

Don't forget to wander on over to my store on ebay if you get a chance!

*NOTE: If you decide to write & send me an email, please put the word ART in the subject line, or "your web site", letting me know somehow you just want to chat about art. There is so much Spam nowadays, that it might get tossed in the Spam folder by mistake, (which I do check everyday). Or just stop by ebay & send me a message from there!

Thanks for stopping by! Anni

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